Start an oncology blog in 5 easy steps

Oncology isn’t something that you just read in books. People are starting to read information about oncology on blogs and websites more and more by the day.

Can you really make money with an oncology blog?

To be honest, this isn’t hard. There are only so many steps you need to do on a consistent basis. Here are 5 easy steps to creating a successful oncology blog:


Why isn’t everyone super successful yet? Well it’s either because:

  1. They just aren’t as skilled (Yet! Try an internet marketing course)
  2. They just don’t have the same level of commitment to work the formula on a consistent basis (This is like, 97% of the entire population)

You have to believe me when I say that reason number one can be easily overcome with enough practice.

But, I suck at writing/SEO/marketing/whatever. There’s no way I can make this work,’ you whine.


In the beginning, my writing skills were atrocious. It took me a good 4 hours just to write a thousand words.

But as they say, practice makes perfect. Now I can easily knock out a high quality, 2000 word article in just slightly over an hour.

Not blowing my own trumpet or anything, but it’s true. Whine less, practice more.


Look. I’ve said this probably a billion times, but being successful, at anything in life, is rare.

It takes a certain amount of dedication and commitment that the average person just doesn’t possess.

If it WAS that easy, we’d all be driving Ferraris and smoking cigars.

If this doesn’t work for you, it’s far more likely that you didn’t put in the necessary work, rather than your business opportunity pulling a fast one on you.

So get your game face on and let’s grind.

#3- The Oncology Blog Money Formula

Now remember, I’m assuming you’ve already got a high commission business opportunity to sell.

If you’re keeping track, it has to be internet based (no physical products), in high demand (think of all the groups of people you could sell it too!) and can be marketed globally.

If it’s anything that doesn’t fit the above criteria, well good luck.

Hey, maybe you like working extra hard (more than you need to).

Maybe you like being that creepy dude approaching old people at the gas station.

Maybe you like selling cheap protein powder products for 10% commissions.

I’m not saying it couldn’t work, but if you’re a beginner, it is one steep hill to climb. Most people won’t last that long.

Also, you’d want the entire sales process to be as automated as possible. You don’t want to be messing around with inventory.

The less you have to worry about, the better.

If you don’t have a company that fits the bill, you’re more than welcome to join me within the Empower Network.

Insane comp plan plus awesome products? Sign me up.

Want to work with me? Sure. I take on anyone.

Now that you’ve got a product that sells like hot cakes, you need your angle.

Identify a bunch of people you’d like to go after, and get your keyword plan on.


The end goal is to park your website on the first page of Google for certain keywords that your buyers will be searching for. Start building your entire blog around a certain theme.

When a prospect searches for your keyword, you want your website to be standing there with a big smile.

Want a copy of Long Tail?

Here are the examples from the video:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Internet Business
  • Property Investment
  • Make Money Online
  • Home Business
  • MLM
  • Passive Income Stream
  • Work From Home
  • Internet Marketing
  • How To Get Out Of Debt
  • Make More Money
  • Success Coaching
  • Investment Options
  • Investment Alternatives

These are only some high level ideas I cranked off the top of my head, but the sky literally is the limit here.

Just make sure that whoever your intended target audience is, they pass what us consultants dub the ‘market entry’ test.

What’s the average search volume for that particular keyword? (No sense in ranking for something nobody is looking for)

Will this keyword bring potential buyers to my site?

Can these buyers afford what I’m selling?

What’s the average KC for this keyword? (How competitive a keyword is to rank for?

And most importantly, can you blog about this topic? Do you have anything new to contribute? Will you enjoy writing about this topic?

Once you’ve got your ideal pocket of people ready, the next step would be to create your very own high performance blog.

Two choices: rock the Empower Network blog or create your own from scratch like me.

If you’re sticking to Empower, you probably don’t really need my help setting it up.

Want to get your hands dirty and create your own?

Now it’s time to start writing.

#5 – the rules

  • Don’t keyword-stuff. Google knows exactly what you’re doing. That might have worked in the past, but Google’s getting smarter.
  • Quality beats quantity. I’d rather you crank out one Pulitzer winning article every week than come up with seven run of the mill articles every day.
  • When it comes to word count, more is always better. Pick your money keyword, and write a bomb-diggity, long and informative article. Be as comprehensive as possible. Think to yourself, ‘Does this article deserve to show up on page one?’ If the answer is no, tweak it until it does.
  • Use media. Pictures, info-graphs, videos. Nobody likes reading 2000 words of full on text. Also, please paragraph your writing as much as possible! The more white space the better.
  • Calls to action. This is important. Give your readers a clear sense of what to do after reading. Don’t let them go ‘Okay, now what?’
  • Internal linking. Use sparingly and do not overdo. Done right, you can increase the exposure of your other posts and reduce bounce rate.
  • And finally, please proof read your posts! Nothing turns a reader off more than grammatical and spelling errors.

Sweet. Now for the longest and arguably the hardest bit – ranking on Google.

My approach to SEO has always been ‘Provide good, valuable content and be as honest as possible in your link building’.

More so than ever in 2014.

With Google Panda and Penguin roaming the streets and shooting down bullsh*t, you better keep your SEO practices super clean.

Which means cut out all that low quality link spamming, and solely focus on building high quality authority out there through guest posting.

This is by far the most effective way to park your blog post onto the first page of the big G.

Rinse and repeat for any other pieces of content you want ranked.


Is it really that simple? In terms of simplicity, yes.

You know what else is simple? Running a marathon.

Step One: Start running. There is no step two.

Doesn’t mean everyone can do it.

The formula is sound. Your execution might not be. If you don’t work, no matter how good the plan is you’re not going to get success.

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